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23 July 2011 @ 11:36 pm
Player Information:

Name or Handle:  Arden
LJ: dancinpenguins 
Email: kiwi4ever13[at]hotmail[dot]com
AIM/ MSN / Plurk name: thegreatmuldini / ardendactyl
Any current characters here?: Jacen Solo, Dean Winchester, Lois Lane, Wolverine, Nathan Petrelli

Character Information:

Character Name: Darla
Age: Over 400 years old
Canon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel the Series


When asked to physically describe Darla, Angel, who knows her best, selected "beautiful, small, and blonde" as her key descriptors.  Then again, he's not exactly Shakespeare.  Her beauty is in fact an essential part of her dangerous allure, and she usually accents it with flawless makeup and expensive clothing.  She tends to dress in the height of style to match her current locale and time period, though she always arrays herself in a very womanly fashion, unless she's adopting a role of some sort.  She'll occasionally go playfully overboard with this - wearing a Catholic schoolgirl outfit, for example, when pretending to be a high school student.  She has a very confident and sensual demeanor, evident in her posture and movement, and an ultra-feminine voice, that's both sultry and sweet.  Her eyes are the color of blue milk.


Darla: I’m a whore.
Priest (The Master): Well, yes. […] You should have asked for a priest long ago, child—your life may have been the better for it.
Darla: And you should have paid me a visit before today, Father—your life may have been more interesting because of it.

Very little is known about the life Darla led before she was sired by the ancient vampire known as the Master, over 400 years ago, but the few facts speak volumes about why she became who she did.  The Master remarks that she's a woman without family - no husband and no inheritance, implying that she's entirely unconnected.  She was still a woman of some 'property', but considering that her profession was as a whore, she certainly wasn't a well connected or rich woman, but rather one who did what she had to do in order to get by.  Afflicted by syphilis at a very young age, on her death bed she displayed an irreverent and cynical attitude that seemed a logical extension of the life she must have led.  She didn't believe God had ever done anything for her, and that isolation, and sense of being at conflict with the world, fighting a battle against it without the divine - or anyone - on her side other than herself, would be one of the defining factors in how her personality as a vampire was shaped.

The fact that Darla doesn't seem to remember anything about her former life besides that she was a whore - not even so much as her real name - is an indicator of just how liberating she saw her turning.  To her, it represented freedom from the sort of degrading oppressive rules of society, where life was unfair and cruel.  Her cynicism and sense of ostracism from society only helped to fuel her sense of superiority in becoming a creature who was stronger, more resilient, and higher on the food chain than humans, and she embraced fully the opportunity to be something more.   In the Buffyverse, becoming a vampire involves being liberated of one's conscience entirely (or "soul"), and being infused with a demonic personality that doesn't overwrite their own, but rather fuses with it and brings out their worst qualities.  

Darla wasn't just a particularly sadistic brand of vampire, but she was also one who valued creativity, which is what made her so infamous, and so dangerous.  While Angelus might have naturally possessed a streak of brutality that rendered him a natural at the vampiric lifestyle, Darla was the one who taught him to be a mastermind of psychological torment, and to devise cruel games to keep the endless massacring interesting over the centuries.  She's an incredibly devious manipulator and an expert liar, able to deliver Oscar-worthy performances to make her little games all the more interesting.

Many have commented that the Fanged Four (Darla, Angelus, and their other two creations: Drusilla and Spike) all seemed to have an uncannily human streak in that they formed connections between each other that ran deeper than those forged by most vampires.  This, however, is only logical when you look at the relationship Darla had to her own creator, the Master, and keeping in mind that Darla, as creator of Angelus, set the tone for the 'family dynamic' there.  The Master was old and wise enough to recognize the value in loyalty, and his focus on the rise of the Old Ones represented societal ideals of vampiric living, rather than just focusing on the day to day joys of being a really evil dude and destroying stuff.  They had focus and common goals, and banded together.  The Master even displayed real remorse at losing Darla when she was killed, as they'd been together for so long.  While Darla won't stand for being somebody's puppet, she nevertheless demonstrated a great deal of loyalty to the Master, going back to him time and time again, and treating him with a reverential respect that showed she understood his power in relation to her own.  She's drawn to that sort of power, and that's what she saw in Angelus, even if he was her own creation.   She puts a lot of value on being respected and admired herself, which is one thing that is essential to her in an ally (and one thing the Master afforded her), and part of what forged such a bond between her and Angelus, who saw her as a mentor as much as a lover.

In most situations, however, Darla is simply an HBIC, who gives the orders instead of taking them.  While she can demonstrate a ton of long term patience when it comes to unfolding some kind of sinister plan, she doesn't have a lot of patience for suffering fools, and she's quite simply smarter than a lot of people because she's just been along the block so long.  

Darla: Turn me back! God, I can’t bear this pounding in my chest for another instant!
Angel: [quietly] It’s a gift. To feel that heart beat…to know, really and for once, that you’re alive. You’re human again, Darla. You know what that means?
Darla: Of course I do. It means pain and suffering and disease and death. I released you from this world once, I gave you eternal life! Now it’s time for you to return the favor.
Angel: [backs away a step] Favor—is that what you think? You think you did me a favor? You damned me.

Darla's rebirth as a human initially seemed to have very little effect on who she was: she remained a schemer, a killer, a liar, and a cynic about her own "salvation", and set about playing mind games with Angelus at Wolfram & Hart's request.  However, her soul began to 'sink in' over time, bringing with it the weight of all her crimes, just as it had for Angel in the past.  Darla reacted differently however, and instead of blaming herself for everything, tried to replace her self-hatred onto the soul itself, seeing it as a 'cancer' that had infected her.  She suffered a serious identity crisis given that the monster that had been Darla no longer existed, but neither did the girl she had been before she had been turned.  The fact that she remembered only nothingness after her death and before her resurrection seemed to scare her more than anything: she seemed horrified by the idea that there wasn't even Hell to look forward to after death, and later commented that even a life of 400 years seemed too short when your mortality was bearing down on top of you.

While in canon, Darla was able to accept her impending death eventually, thanks to the sacrifices she saw that Angel was willing to make for her, at Counted Stars, she will have suffered through this period without anyone there who could relate.  This means she'll have clung to her philosophy that her soul was something to be overcome, rather than reconciled with, which will have led her to embrace Sith teachings as a means to channel her suffering into a manifestation of power.


Wiki page

The weight of her new soul would have come crashing down on her shortly after her arrival, filling her with the knowledge of everything she had done in her long evil unlife, and wracking her conscience with all the guilt of it, driving her almost mad, particularly because she was here facing it alone.  She would have remained locked in her apartment for days on end, broken every mirror, and been almost numb to the implications of this strange new world.  Her anguish in the Force was sensed by a Jedi who sought her out, and it was he who had her diagnosed for her disease, and treated her with healing techniques.  Instead of gratitude, however, Darla felt only bitter resentment that he would save her so that she could suffer with the cancerous soul still devouring her inside, and she taunted the Jedi for not knowing who she was or what she had done, and saving her anyways.   The Jedi worried about the dark impulses she spoke about, and was afraid to leave her alone after the state he'd found her in, so he took her along temporarily on his ship, explaining more about the Force, this world, and redemption to her.  However, she bitterly explained to him that her suffering was beyond even his Force-enlightened comprehension.  
While on what was supposed to be a mission of diplomacy, the Jedi ran afoul of a Sith who was embroiled in the political web on Iridonia.  The Sith killed him, but not before sensing his concern for the woman on the ship - who had monitored the entire exchange.  He was intrigued when she evinced no fear, only what seemed like admiration, and even envy for his raw power and brutality.  She asked him flatly how humans could burn out their own souls to become like him, no longer chained by guilt or conscience, and he offered to show her how to break those chains of fear, and turn her tormented emotions into a tool to acquire power and control.  She eagerly accepted, and was brought to Korriban, where she trained in the Academy and advanced quickly.  
Upon feeling Angel's return to the galaxy, she stole Logan and Nathan's ship, killed the Sith who had recruited her when he attempted to detain her, and left for Coruscant.

Canon point:

Darla will have entered the galaxy post Angel S2's episode "Dear Boy", after her reunion with Angel, where he confronted her about tormenting him.  Her canon point's hugely important to her, because at this point, she has been resurrected from being staked, by the evil law firm Wolfram and Hart.  Her resurrection made her fully human once more for the first time in over 400 years, and also meant that she found herself with a soul again, and that her body was riddled with the syphilis that had put her on her death bed in her first life.   See Background for addressing what happened with these two things during the months she's been here.

Special Abilities:

None!  When she first arrived here, at least.  I'm taking Darla from when she was resurrected again as a human, so she's lost her vampiric abilities.  She will, however, be Force sensitive, and have trained for months as a Dark Jedi.  She's especially adept at powers of illusion, manipulation and mind control, and the application of pain, both real and imagined.  She's shown herself to be a natural at torture techniques, both physical and psychological, and she's learned lightsaber combat quickly, having already been proficient with various types of weapons.  She possesses a sort of Force Bond to Angel, as she was his vampiric sire and creator, and it allows her to be able to find him and even contact him if she chooses to, over long distances.




Dark Jedi  


First Person:

Darla's psyched for dis. 

Third Person:

Darla had always held that allowing bloodthirstiness to render you stupid was something only amateurs did.  It applied to Sith as much as it ever had to vampires.  Two intruders, not even wielding so much as a child's grasp of the Force, had managed to capture the attention of practically all those fools who saw the break-in as their chance to brutally prove themselves, or just flex their muscles in a fight against a real enemy.

But Darla knew that two versus hundreds didn't make for a particular interesting fight, and wouldn't leave any one person much elbow room for glory.  So while the idiots ran about distracted, she made her way outside the temple.
They had to have arrived on world somehow, after all.  And she had need of a ship.
She remembered vividly the moment when she'd felt him there, clear as the North Star.  She'd been in the middle of a duel, and in that sudden burst of emotion, cleaved her opponent's arm clear off at the bicep.  Their howls as they'd sunk to their knees in front of her had only made the moment more lucid, a wide dangerous smile breaking across her face as she'd bit down on the urge to just reach out to him then and there, riding on the swell of power she felt in dominating her foe.
Her boy.  Her dear, dear boy.
If possible, she felt closer to him than she ever had, now that she'd been forced to live the burden of this soul on a daily basis.  She knew of the torments that had kept him up all those nights.
But she also had hope now.
She'd faced those trials as well, knew the painful anguish of fighting a newborn conscience.  But when Angelus had tried and failed to overcome that soul, she'd let herself believe it was a disease without a cure.
No longer.
There was freedom in the Dark Side, and it'd allowed to her to grow strong again.  While she had her moments of weakness, they were fewer and further between.
So it could be for him  And together... well...
They had always been stronger together.
And with the power they could acquire here, the universe could be their oyster.
However much Revan could offer her, Angelus had always been able to offer more.
The ship was shoddily concealed, as if they'd had no idea how to even land it, and she couldn't help a triumphant smirk as she approached the ramp.
... Where she came to a stop, the smirk melting into a frown instantly as it lowered and revealed a familiar figure in black.
"Going somewhere, Darla?"  Luthen's smooth drawl was void of friendliness, his dark eyes cold and empty.  She knew that emptiness well.  

But his had nothing on hers.
"Seemed like a nice night to see the stars close up," she replied, unruffled.  His hand dropped to the saber hilt at his belt, and her eyes followed coolly, before she looked back up and lowered her eyebrows slightly in admonishment.  "Really now.  You don't have to do this," she said, her tone terrifyingly cordial, considering the situation.  
"You leave me no choice.  Disobeying orders is met with swift punishment.  You knew that," he said severely.  "I taught it to you."  He shook his head.  "I never thought you'd be stupid enough to try something this reckless.  I had you wrong."  
She could sense his personal sense of betrayal, and it brought an extra note of delight to her spirits.  
"And here I thought it was those Sith dumb enough to blindly follow orders who were the lambs led to slaughter," she countered airily.  "Silly me."
His scowl deepened, carving a trench through his scarred features.
"I can't let you leave here alive," he resolved.
As if he weren't a Sith ready to kill her, she sauntered forward, eyes locked on his, tongue behind her teeth in a playful expression.
"Can't?  Or won't?"
She saw his eyes flash as she pulled up short right inside his bubble of personal space.  His jaw clenched.
"You could still change your mind.  Losing a student with promise like yours... would be regrettable.  And I could see that your punishment would only linger for a short time."
"Mmm," she purred.  "You've had your eye on me from the start, I know.  With me on your side, serving you, eventually no one could stand against you."  She leaned forward, her breath caressing his jawline as she spoke.   "That's what you want, isn't it?  That's why you saved me."  Desire darkened his eyes, and she trailed a finger down his chest  "Isn't it?"
For a moment, he stared down at her, as if caught between admission and pride and anger, and then, before he could get a word out, she broke into a wide, mocking grin, leaning her lips close to his ear.
"Did you think," she said, enunciating each word as if to relish it, "that because we shared a few nights together, that it gave you some kind of claim on me?"  She felt him tense, and knew his hand was tightening around that weapon.  "Poor baby.  You don't understand how this works.  Back where I come from?  We call that playing with our food."
That was the last straw, and it happened quickly.  His hand twitched, the saber was pressed against her torso, and she heard the familiar snap-hiss, feeling the warmth of the blade and smelling the sudden sizzle of flesh.  
Her smile widened, at the same time as his eyes did, and she drew back to look down at where he was impaled with his own red blade.  She turned mocking sympathetic eyes back up towards his.
"Oh honey.  Did you think we had something?  Sorry to break it to you, but..."  She gave a tiny, innocent shrug, before whispering conspiratorially, with a suggestive glance downwards: "I was only interested in your lightsaber."
Her hand snapped out to grab his wrist and with a sharp twist, the blade moved within him, cutting upwards, through his guts.  He gurgled, staring at her in horror.
"After all," she said, her tone flat, "it took a couple of nights to rebuild that casing backwards while you were asleep."  
She raised her other hand and made a twisting motion with her fingers, and his neck snapped violently to the side.  Her hand caught the saber and thumbed it off as he slumped onto the metallic ramp, hard.

Black boots walked casually over him as she swept inside the ship.

Anything Else:

 Darla's going to be pretending she just arrived, but staying in the city, not in the apartments.  She'll just... kill someone and steal their identity.  It'll be fab.  Jolee Bindo would not approve.